Laser Tattoo Removal

Although laser treatment is definitely a much safer, less painful and more successful way of removing tattoos than other conventional means, there are several points to consider before committing to Laser Tattoo Removal.

The amount of time and the number of laser treatments required to remove a tattoo depends on several factors such as:

The color of the ink: This determines how many laser treatments you would require to undergo. Black and blue colored tattoos can be removed easily whereas green and yellow pigments are harder to remove.

Tattoos done by professional tattoo artists: Professionals use quality ink and equipment, and uniformly apply their artwork, so it may take more sessions to remove these as compared to tattoos done by amateurs.

Depth of ink: How deep the ink is injected.

New tattoos: It is more difficult to remove a newer tattoo rather an older one as the pigment in the new tattoo is likely to be denser.

Size of the tattoo: The amount of time and the number of laser treatments required also depends upon how big or small is the size of your tattoo.

Location: Where the tattoo is located.

Healing capability: The individual’s own ability to heal.

Whether you are going for laser tattoo removal or trying to get your tattoo faded to prepare for a cover up, always make sure to get it done from a professional in the field of laser tattoo removal.

We are Certified Laser Specialists!

At Modern Aesthetics, these procedures are done by Registered Nurses and Certified Laser Specialists.

Featuring CynoSure Affintiy QS and CynoSure Accolade QS lasers designed specifically for pigment removal

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